Performance Driving & Safe Driver Skills is a 25 minute seminar—a flavor of what the performance driving experience is all about, presented by Rob Schermerhorn


Rob Schermerhorn

Rob Schermerhorn, a 20 year motorsport professional and safe driving advocate, is the Owner of the Delta Vee Motorsports LLC.


You will learn:

  • The most important part on you car
  • “Separation of Controls” driving technique
  • Safe Driving skills practiced by pro-drivers
  • How to survive an emergency while driving
  • What your high school driving instructor didn’t tell you

We’re living the “glory days” of the automobile… the most average, top-selling modern car is capable of out-performing any ’60’s era performance car in virtually every performance category—IT’S NOT WHAT YOU DRIVE BUT HOW YOU DRIVE IT—so challenge yourself to learn, then head out to a track event for the time of your life….

Other topics (advanced techniques, vehicle dynamics, competitive driving, race car preparation, suspension set up, and others) can also be presented to your group, content tailored to your group.

Schedule your seminar at your location now! We’re always looking for a good audience. Contact Me tab to send an email, or telephone 888.407.5122

Want private coaching?  Rob is available to share his proven methods with you and also utilizes video data acquisition tools to maximize your performance; coaching fees begin at about $350 for an evening at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, MI.


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