Corner Balance Your Car with the Turn of a Knob

by Rob Schermerhorn on May 1, 2013

What’s the quickest way to balance or corner weight my car? As racers, we all have that question, right?

Introducing a time saving suspension component you’ll become addicted to for the final tune on your chassis, hitting that perfect 50%-50% cross weight setting that’s eluded you. It’s the Mechanical Incremental Ride Height Adjuster (MIRA).

Hydraulic corner weight adjuster tool.

Hydraulic corner weight adjuster tool.

MIRA is a hydraulic lower spring perch with a 15mm adjustment range allowing corner weight adjustments with the turn of a knob – no tools required. Two MIRAs make corner balancing a two minute job!

Think about it, what’s the most precious commodity while at the track? Time of course…

  • Fits springs as small as 2.25 inch inner diameter
  • Extra long hose is available for cockpit adjustability, perfect for endurance racing

Priced at $449 for one, $849 for a pair. We are running an introductory pricing special for orders placed in May, 2013 of $349 for one, $649 for a pair.

Call 888.407.5122 for more information and to place your order.

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